Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears

These are the people who make it possible to have a Jewish community in Mallorca

Nissan ben Avraham


From a very young age he was interested in his Jewish origins and Jewish culture because of his Jewish origins. In 1977 he moved to Israel where, after his conversion to Judaism, he took his current name. He studied as a rabbi at the Mercaz ha-Rav and Ateret Cohanim yeshivots, in Jerusalem, and at the Hesder Xiló Yeshivat, graduating as a rabbi in 1991. Later (2009)

Ari Molina ( Arieh Girondí)


Biografia de Ari Molina

Sarah Miller Benichou

Vice Presidente 2do

Biografia de Sarah

Dani Rotstein


Dani Rotstein, a native of New Jersey, moved to the island of Mallorca in 2014 where he discovered the taboo history of Los Chuetas. He became involved with the local synagogue and began to focus on rebuilding the community. In 2018, together with his wife Carla, they founded Limud Mallorca and have held more than 50 successful events that promote diversity and inclusion in the small but growing community. He was chosen to be part of the board of the synagogue and recently founded "Jewish Majorca", which offers guided tours of Jewish heritage sites throughout the island and sheds light on the little-known Jewish past and present of Mallorca both for visitors and residents He believes that the revival of modern Jewish life in Spain can show that greater awareness and tolerance can be achieved throughout Europe and the world.

Miquel Segura Aguilo

Vice Presidente

He was born in La Puebla, in the interior of the island of Mallorca, into an illustrious family of jewelers and silversmiths belonging to the Chueta minority, a group of descendants of Majorcan Jewish converts who, due to religious persecution and their subsequent stigmatization, by the end of the 17th century they were forced to practice strict inbreeding, while retaining a strong collective conscience. A self-taught journalist, he has collaborated since 1981 in different publications in the Balearic Islands, including Última Hora, where he maintains a regular column. Also a prolific writer, mostly in Catalan, he cultivated all literary genres with the exception of theater.

Mariano Grymberg


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