Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears

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Mallorca Zahav, The 50th Anniversary of the CJIB

The Jewish community of the Balearic Islands celebrates 50 years this July with the event “Mallorca Zahav.” Founded on July 12, 1971 by a group of Jews from the UK and France, this small but vibrant religious and cultural group has served not only the local, but also a large visiting population. More recently, the CJIB has focused on dedicating itself to reviving, and expanding its physical location to serve the ever-growing demand for programming and experiences about the rich and diverse history of Jews on the island. After half a century of service, the community excitedly looks forward to another 50 years of growth, inclusion, and outreach.

Sunday, July 25
19:30 pm – 23:00 pm
Cost €36 minimum donation

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