Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears


Every Tuesday you can go to the Synagogue of the Jewish Community of the Balearic Islands to buy your Kosher products.

You can contact whatsapp + 34 601 447 511 Karen, to make inquiries.

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The Mallorcan chef Toni Pinya claims to have no problems when cooking a slaughterhouse fry, even if he doesn't taste the result.

“I am a specialist in Mallorcan gastronomy because it is what I have always defended and what I have always enjoyed,” says Pinya, who does not hesitate to ensure that this cuisine is compatible with his religion, despite not being able to eat pork, snails, rabbit or seafood. “The prawns are over. You can only eat fish with scales and fins from the sea, ”explains the cook. “It is God’s kitchen because he sets the guidelines for what to eat, how to eat it and why you have to eat it,” he says.

Getting down to business with a slaughterhouse fry is not an obstacle for this veteran of the kitchen either. “I have no problem cooking it, I just don’t taste it.” The also retired cooking teacher explains that when he gave classes and there was a sensory examination, “the students knew about my situation. I told them that if one day after tasting food they saw me spit it out, it was not because it was bad, but for religious reasons.

Pinya misses more establishments with food suitable for Jews, called kosher. “A kosher food is one that meets the standards of Judaism: from the handling of the land to the way it is cooked. When we talk about processed products, the first rule is that the manipulation has to be done by a Jewish person and the process has to be reviewed by a rabbi ”.

TONI PIÑA Pinjas Benabraham
TONI PIÑA / Pinjas Benabraham Board Member