Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears


The synagogue of the "Jewish Community of the Balearic Islands"

The Sinagogue of Mallorca



It is a prayer room, in which men and women sit separately, but not disconnected. Any adult Jew can lead the prayer, which is performed in Hebrew, keeping translation books on hand for those unfamiliar with the national language of the Jews.

In front of the synagogue is the ark where the Torah scrolls are kept: the Pentateuch written by hand on parchment. In the middle of the room there is a table on which the Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) is placed to be read every Shabbat morning and on special Judaism holidays.

The prayers are three times a day: Shacharit in the morning, Mincha in the afternoon, and Arvit at night. During the weekday Shacharit prayer, men cover themselves with the tallit (prayer cloak) and place tefillins and phylacteries on their heads and arms.

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“Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears”

Monsenyor Palmer 3-Palma de Mallorca
618 873 308